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Pulp fiction and the types of BN supporters

Sunday, 25 September 2011 00:45

  Pulp fiction and the types of BN supporters    

Written by Ismail Dahlan, Malaysia Chronicle    

There are three main kinds of people who support the BN today.

First there are The Evil, they are the ones who are in power and will do anything to stay in power.

Then there are The Selfish, who benefit in one form or the other from The Evil, and so want them to remain in power so that they can continue to benefit. The Selfish care nothing for Malaysia, only for themselves.

Then there is The Uninformed, who actually believe the gibberish that the BN feeds through their TV and their newspapers. The Uninformed do things like actually pay real money to buy the NST or Utusan. The Uninformed have no idea that these newspapers, like TV3, are works of vicious fiction.

There are others of course who support the BN, but they are smaller in numbers, like The Lunatics, The Incredibly Stupid and The Masochists. Some are small but growing quickly in numbers, like The Bangladeshis.

The BN lineup

So it is these three main categories that the opposition must win over if they are to win the next General Election; The Evil, The Selfish and The Uninformed.

Let us start with The Evil. On the plus side, getting one of The Evil to your side would mean getting their supporters too. Unfortunately their supporters generally tend to be evil as well so you would only end up with a bunch of evil supporters. And get enough of The Evil on your side and you would be the one who is evil. Leave The Evil where they belong, in BN.

The Selfish, perhaps? Now, The Selfish are most often found running big corporations, usually corporations which are dependent on government goodwill or require licenses, like IPPs perhaps, or gambling entities, or loggers, and lots of others. They will do all they can, financially, to keep the BN in power. If the BN were to lose though, they would fall over themselves changing sides.

The best bet is The Uninformed. The Uninformed generally tend to be, well, uninformed. Some of them, especially The Particularly Uninformed tend to be The Most Opinionated. The less you know, it would seem, the more sure you are of yourself. Arm me ignorance!

There is no malice in them though, only ignorance. The Uninformed will have to be reached before the elections, every one of them if possible. For they may well hold the key vote for every contested seat.

The Opposition is fortunate because it is led by the Righteous. Though the Righteous man will find himself beset by the iniquities of the Selfish and the tyranny of Evil men.

So, which group do you belong to?
Malaysia Chronicle

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